Human Machine Interface for Turrets

Human Machine Interface for Turrets

“HMI for Turrets” is a Human Machine Interface System, designed for command and control for remote weapon station applications. It is used for observation and firing towards terrestrial and aerial targets. It is mounted on a wheeled armored vehicle, providing continuous fire command and control, day and night, in harsh environmental conditions (dust, smoke, fog), with a high probability to discover and destroy the enemy targets.


  • Computer and Display Unit;
  • Operator Control Unit;
  • Software Application
  • Power Distribution Unit;
  • Gun Control Unit;


  • Computer and Display Unit:
    • Screen size                               12.1”;
    • Resolution                                1024 x 768;
    • Screen type                               LCD Display;
  • Operator Control Unit:
    • 2 Axis Joystick with control grip;
    • Buttons, switches and LEDs for system control and warnings;
    • RS-422 communication interface;
  • Software Application:
    • Built in Test;
    • Moving Target Indicator;
    • Rounds counter;
    • Sector Scan;
    • Image Enhancement feature;
    • Firing modes
    • LRF measurments and Auto Fire Control System
    • Safety Conditions
    • Auto-tracking
  • Power Distribution Unit:
    • Provides power distribution for all the HMI subsystems;
    • Fuses and LEDs for signalizing the power supply status;
  • Gun Control Unit:
    • Provides power supply and communication to the remote weapon station cocking and firing solenoid;
    • Provides static and dynamic cant & tilt angle information.


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