Optical and Photometric Testing and Calibration Laboratory (LOF)

  • Pro Optica’s Optical and Photometric Testing and Calibration Laboratory (LOF) provides comprehensive facilities for testing optical and optoelectronic systems and materials. LOP has Romanian Accreditation Association- RENAR certificate ( LI 970) to ISO17025 for competence to perform testing activities, thereby you are guaranteed that our measurements capabilities fulfill the rigorous standards.
  • The experience and laboratory equipment grants us the possibility to ensure the quality of measurements for optical components and complete imaging systems developed by Pro Optica, on a competitive worldwide level.
  • LOF provides a wide range of measuring capabilities:
  • Optics parameter Testing
    Image quality (MTF)
    Refractive indices
    Optical homogeneity
    Stress birefringence/strain
    Focal length
    Optical power
    Prism angles
    Centering deviation
    Plane and spherical surface deviation
  • Photometric and radiometric Measurements
    Spectral Transmission and reflection in UV, visible and infrared
    Internal transmittance
    Spectral characterization of sources
    Color temperature
    Global transmission
  • Optics , Imager and Camera Testing

Sensor Performance (MTF, Resolution, Etc.)
Sensor Characteristics (NETD, MRTD, MRC, SiTF, 3D Noise, Etc.)
Test services of thermal imagers, night vision devices, VIS-NIR cameras, SWIR cameras, image intensifier tubes and optical objectives of sights.

  • LOF main focus is on infrared spectrum applications, with excellent facilities in this respect, providing certified calibration measurements and tests. Pro Optica’s electro -optical imaging systems (thermal imagers), has numerous applications in defense & security sector (military, border guards, police, etc.) and civilian sector. The high precision equipment we use to test our products (thermal imagers) is the DT 1500-viariable distance test system.
  • Another versatile system is ORI-RO test station, which is a universal tester of optical module for visible, near infrared, short infrared, middle infrared and far infrared ranges.
  • Image characteristics and quality determination (ISO17025): MRTD- Minimum Resolvable Temperature Difference, MDTD- Minimum Detectable Temperature Difference, MTF- Modulation Transfer Function, Characteristics response of IR sensor.

DT 1500:
DT 1500

ORI-Ro test station:
ORI-Ro test station