• Contract period: 15/07/2017- 15/10/2018 (15 months)
  • Total Budget : 122.679,40 RON

Finanţare PNIII: Cooperare europeana si internationala
Subprogram 3.6 SUPORT
Tip proiect: Premierea participarii la Orizont 2020

CONTRACTUL DE FINANTARE NR. 8/2017 din 15/07/2017
Cod depunere: PN III-P3 _3.6 – H2020 – 2016 – 0038


In the current geostrategic context and the possible related risks, an effective surveillance of borders has become one of the EU’s major objectives. At the origin of this grant application is the SAFESHORE project, funded by Grant Contract No.700643 / 2016. This proposal aims to increase border protection, especially in the maritime area, at low cost, by detecting and recognizing potential small-scale hazards (drones, ships and persons) at distances of up to 300 m, in the immediate vicinity of cross-border line. This short distances are difficult to be manage due of the short reaction time available to counteract possible aggressions). When the project started, by consulting end-users involved in such border protection activities it was also revealed the need to detect and recognize potential small-scale hazards at longer ranges, around 1 Km. Through the research activities proposed in this grant application, I.O.E.L. wants to be able to improve the observation modules developed within the institution at the level of the latter end-user requirements through a strategy of refining key elements, consolidating in the mean time the IOEL’s positioning  as a research activities  provider in the field of visual information on the internal and EU market.


1)Refining existing knowledge in the field of multispectral observation systems by research activities to improve the remote observation performance of multi-sensor platforms for border surveillance and the acquisition of materials, support equipment and dedicated software to ensure the manufacture of some demonstrators for the validation of the research activities carried out;
2) Widely disseminating the results of research by publishing at least two scientific articles in a listed internationally published database and updating the IOEL presentation site.



no. Stage name Report time Budget [RON]



Improve observation performance in the LWIR / SWIR / VIS spectral field for small objects over 1 Km


15/07/2017 – 29/12/2017






Continue the industrial research activities and capitalize on them through the manufacture of some components for key modules;  protecting intellectual property.


30/12/2017 – 15/10/2018