Long Range Surveillance System Mounted on Boats
The system is designed to be installed on boats and to be used for day and night, long range surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance missions. The system can be remotely operated by a designated person

OUTDOOR mounted components:

  • Fixed Mast/Mechanical Interface (FM) – for Sensor Unit and Pan & Tilt Platform solid and stable installation in an adequate position for the necessary observation sector;
  • Pan & Tilt Platform (P&T) – for Sensor Unit movement in azimuth and elevation;
  • Sensor Unit (SU) – for day/night surveillance and range finding:
    • – Color CCD camera(CCD);
    • – Cooled Thermal Camera(TC);
    • – Spotter CCD Camera(SC)
    • – “Eye safe” Laser Range-finder (LRF)
  • Orientation System(OS)– for North finding and own position indication;

INDOOR mounted components:

  • Workstation:
    • – Computer &Display Unit (CDU)
    • – Operator’s Control Unit (OCU)
    • – Digital Video Recorder(DVR)
  • ISTAR Navy software application
  • External Display
  • Power Supply Unit(PSU)

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