“RAVEN T-Shape”

“RAVEN T-Shape”

“Raven” is a high performance motorized Pan & Tilt Platform that can be configured to handle a great range of sensors for medium to long range surveillance tasks.

“Raven” is suitable for homeland security applications in both fixed installations and vehicle instalations where a high degree of controllability and positional accuracy is required. With the addition of a tripod mount adapted, Raven is equally suited for ground deployment using a suitable tripod.


  • Azimuth range                               n x 360º;
  • Elevation range                             ±90º continuous
  •                                                          (depending on Payload);
  • Minimum velocity (Az & El)         0.1 mrad/s;
  • Maximum velocity (Az)                1000 mrad/s;
  • Maximum velocity (El)                 524 mrad/s;
  • Positional accuracy (Az & El)      0.01 mrad;
  • Stabilization                                    Gyro – Optional;
  • Weight                                             approx. 25 kg;
  • Payload                                            max. 60 kg
  •                                                          (30 kg on each side)
  • Commmunications                       Ethernet TCP/IP (1000 BASE-T);
  • Operating Voltage                         20÷32 Vdc.


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