Multirole Night Observation and Aiming System “WOLF_RO1”

Multirole Night Observation and Aiming System “WOLF_RO1”

  •  WOLF_RO1 is a modular and multi-role Night Vision system, with Image Intensifier, offering the possibility to be used in several configurations, according to the operational needs:
  •  1. Observation device, 1x magnification(head/helmet-mounted or hand-held);
  •  2. Aiming device, with 1x or 4x magnification(weapon mounted, with own reticle and no reflex sight required)

1x Configuration (1x Night Vision Monocular for Observation, on head and on helmet)

Magnification : 1x
Field of View:  min 50˚
Image Intensifier Tube performance: on request

1x Configuration(1x Night Vision Weaponsight for short range aiming)

Magnification: 1x
Own reticle for aiming

4x Configuration(4xNight Vision Weaponsight, for medium range aiming, with 4x adapter)

Magnification: 4x
Own reticle for aiming

Weight (with battery, 4x adapter and weapon mount):  max. 1000g

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