ARTEMIS® Medium Range

ARTEMIS® Medium Range

Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reconnaissance System
The system is designed for surveillance and target acquisition during day and night, installed on a surveillance vehicle. It is a multi-sensor observation and targeting system based on several components within a compact solution.

Outside the vehicle:

  • Pan-Tilt platform (P&T)
  • Sensor Unit (SU) :
    • – Color  camera;
    • – Uncooled Thermal Camera(TC);
    • – “Eye safe” Laser Range-finder (LRF)
    • – Laser Target Designator (LTD) – (optional)
    • – Radar – Optional
  • Orientation System(OS)- Optional

Inside the vehicle:

  • Workstation:
    • – Computer &Display Unit (CDU)
    • – Operator’s Control Unit (OCU)
  • Software Application

For remote operation, dismounted from the vehicle (optional):

  • Tripod
  • GPS and DMC

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